UK Pay-Per-Text Mobile Ad Service


Miva has teamed up with directory service 118 118 to launch TXT//AD, a service to include advertisements in information messages sent by 118 118. When people call the 118 118 from a mobile phone the service sends an SMS with the details, and the new advertising service will let companies include an ad with the message.
The good part about this is that it is effectively a targeted search ad — and the people are expecting to receive a message. The companies got it tested by Saville Rossiter Base with 500 mobile phone users and got some pretty interesting results (bear in mind it’s from the companies, but still):
“The research found nearly 60% of respondents who were sent the message recalled it, and 14% of these people used the additional number…The majority (93%) of users said they would like to receive an additional number in future…Three quarters (75%) of respondents said that they could see clear benefits in the Service, while just over 80% of respondents were also interested in an enhanced offer (such as a discount on goods or services) and the majority said that even if they didn’t use it immediately, they would do at some point.”
They’re some pretty good figures (although they seem to indicate that 18% of respondents would like to get the ad even though they couldn’t see a use for it), and they make sense. It’s not competing businesses that will benefit either — if someone is searching for the nearest video store another video service probably won’t be of interest, but a food delivery service would be.

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