Telephone Trottoire

This is a strange mobile phone program coming out of the Congolese community in London… “Telephone Trottoire” randomly phones up radio listeners and plays them tracks from the “Nostalgie Ya Mboka” music archive or news extracts from “Londres Na Biso”. Each listener then has the option of recording a response or passing the call on to another number of their choice. Congolese music and culture will eventually ripple out to anyone with a phone number.”
The name Telephone Trottoire is based on Radio Trottoire, which I think is Congolese slang for people passing information along person-to-person when they meet because of restrictions on free speech.
Mobile phone calls are a pretty expensive way to pass content, especially for a grass-roots effort that aims to have Congolese culture ripple out to anyone with a phone number. Still, it’s an interesting technique…(via Textually)