Redirecting TV To Mobile Phones

Rok Entertainment has released another mobile video/TV service, the BLCX, which redirects your home TV signal to your mobile either via a Wi-Fi connection or over the operators network. This isn’t the first such device of course (Slingbox just added the capability) but Russell Buckley asks the question: Is this a great idea or technology looking for a use?
I agree that the odds of this being usable over a mobile data connection (ie, for a reasonable price and the operator doesn’t cut you off claiming it’s not fair use) are minuscule, at least until another couple of generations of mobile technology get deployed. Likewise it’s not much use for watching at home (except for those well-known bathroom trips, but it’s a bit expensive for that).
However, as Wi-Fi becomes more ubiquitous the service will become more useful. Paying your operators data charges won’t be attractive to anyone, but they may think it’s worth it to watch TV streamed from their house on the cafes free Wi-Fi while they have a coffee.
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