Blog Post Pseudo-Pirates For Pseudo-Slackers

Designed and billed as an antidote to the way things usually are done at Time Warner, somehow still has corporate all over it. It’s meant to grab the guys who spend most of their time sending links and viral video to their friends and the advertisers who want their attention. So far, though, the site has the same two advertisers (Bacardi and Dodge Caliber) it launched with on Feb. 22, writes Jon Fine. His take: “It’s admirable for Time Inc. to try something this bizarre, so it’s a drag that Office Pirates seems very version-1.0. The programming is wildly inconsistent. What’s perverse for Time Inc. is not perverse for the Web, and so it lies between freer-form sharing sites like youtube and gnarlier programming plays such as (which is also readying a community platform).”
Luckily, as Time Inc. Interactive President Ned Desmond tells, Fine, the plan “does not bank on the idea of becoming a serial creator of these outrageously serendipitous viral events.”

Meanwhile, had the men on its “Review Crew” vet the site; the grades ranged from C to D-. Barry Schwartz, 23: “Apparently they don’t realize I spent all day in the dead air of a gray cubicle: I don’t want to watch other people who spend all day in the dead air of a gray cubicle having oodles of fun. … D-.”

Jeff Bausch, 23: “In the evergrowing void of useless information that is the Internet, does what it can to continue that trend. … C.”

Dave Nelson, 25: “Although the site was mildly amusing, there isn’t enough content to warrant a return visit. … C.”