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Microsoft Reorg Means More Changes For MSN; Mehdi New “Advertising Strategist”

Details of the latest Microsoft re-org were announced today, this time focusing on MSN and Windows. The Platforms & Services Division (PSD) has been divided into eight new and existing groups. Among the executive changes: Yusef Mehdi, the SVP whose responsibilities included MSN oversight and online search, becomes “chief advertising strategist” reporting directly to PSD co-president Kevin Johnson; his responsibility is “to shape Microsoft’s strategy for the online advertising market.” That would seem to remove him from any operating authority.
Among the eight groups:
Online Business includes advertising sales, business development and marketing for MSN, Live Platforms and Windows Live. David Cole heads this new group until his pre-announced leave begins at the end of April; that suggests that Microsoft either is still looking or has someone in mind who can’t be identified yet. Martin Taylor, a corporate VP, heads over from the Server and Tools Business to lead Windows Live and MSN Marketing; he’ll run product management and marketing for, Windows Live services and Live Platforms.

Windows Live Platform includes the MSN teams working on online platform services and capabilities and is responsible for the back-end of anything incliving Windows Live. The announcement emphasizes that this includes ” the advertising and monetization platforms that support all Live service offerings.” This group will led by Blake Irving, corporate VP.

Market Expansion is a new group focusing on emerging markets and new form factors with an emphasis on product marketing and R&D. SVP Will Poole is responsible for establishing the group; he headed Windows Client Services until now and the Windows New Media Division prior to that.

The other five and their top execs are Windows and Windows Live, Steven Sinofsky, SVP; Core Operating System Division (COSD), Brian Valentine, SVP; Windows Client Marketing Group, led by Mike Sievert, corporate vice president; Developer and Platform Evangelism, Sanjay Parthasarathy, corporate vice president; and the Server and Tools Business Group, Bob Muglia, SVP.
More details here.

From a PR Q&A with Kevin Johnson: “There are more than 19,000 full-time Microsoft employees worldwide in the PSD organization. While this is a reorganization of the entire division, most jobs will remain the same. Of this group, fewer than 300 engineers and staff in the eHome division will be moving to the Entertainment and Devices division. … There are no reductions in staff.”