Buying Mobile Content With A TV Remote


MPTV LogoItaas Inc and eMbience have partnered to form a mobile content distribution/payment service called MPTV. The idea is that people will use their TV remote control to select and buy mobile content relevant to the TV show they’re watching…it will be delivered to their phone and they will be charged on their mobile bill. This is for cable TV companies, where info can be sent back to the broadcaster. Suggested mobile content includes “a video clip of a music video or a sports replay, ringtones, or screenshots that can be used as wallpaper”, although any content or application could be sold.
I’m not sure how it works, but on questioning for more details I received the following response: “MPTV will not require any special equipment or accounts. The customer will use their regular cable company remote control to purchase any assets and they will be billed on a per-use basis via their wireless bill.”
I guess a very simple way to do it would be to have the purchaser use the numeric keypad on their remote to enter their mobile number during the buying process. It’s interesting hearing about TV remote controls being used for mobile content rather than (the more normal) predictions of mobile phones being used as remote controls.

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