TelecomNEXT: Iger: More Than 4 Million iTunes-Disney Downloads; No New Laws Needed For Net Neutrali

When the the roster of speakers for this year’s TelecomNEXT includes Disney CEO Bob Iger, you know the telecom universe is shifting gears. The iTunes-Disney video downloads-served number has passed 4 million, Iger told attendees Tuesday. For those following along, that’s up from 2.5 million-plus in early February, which in turn was up from 1.5 million in mid-January. Iger credits iTunes with creating new distribution windows. That’s part of what he sees as the biggest shift in the TV buisness: “Technology has transformed authority from the distributor and creator to the consumer.”

Net neutrality: Networking Pipeline Iger said Disney does not support any net neutrality “at this time” and appreciates the pledges made by telecoms and MSOs.

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