Sony Offers More Details About PS3, Live Service

Sony is doing its best to keep the PS3 in the spotlight despite the considerable launch delay. Today’s installment comes courtesy of Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, at the Game Developer Conference. Harrison described the device now due for the holidays as a home “media server” that would deliver content across devices including the PSP. (This is the same Sony that made it impossible for me to legally transfer music to my mini-disc player across my own home network.)

According to the AP, he also discussed plans that look beyond consoles and packaged game sales for PS3 revs: selling PS3 content online, subscriptions for online gaming and/or service, micropayments for game objects and possibly episodic content subscriptions. Harrison confirmed many details about the PS3’s live network plans including free basic, video chat, messaging, open network.

— Harrison said in-game ads would play “a major role on PS3 while stressing that they must be ‘handled with sensitivity towards the consumer.'”

— Some games will be available by download only.