American Idol Tunes on Cingular; Within 24 Hours


Starting today, Cingular Wireless will begin offering ringtones of live performances from “American Idol” made within 24 hours of the show’s broadcast. In previous seasons, customers were able to buy ringtones of the theme song and many of the songs featured on the show by the original artists.
But things are not as smooth as it seems: For any contestant whose song has not gotten publisher clearance that week, Cingular will release a new ringtone of a song performed by that contestant in an earlier round of the show.
The ringtones cost a prohibitive $2.49 each…also, this means that the ringtones are only for Cingular customers, of course, which sucks.
Some more details in the release here.
Another observation I had in another post: Also, why aren’t American Idol ringtones and other mobile content on Fox’s off-deck portal Mobizzo? It is the rights issues with Cingular, of course, and shows you that media companies would have to be careful promoting an off-deck portal service as well as working with operators.

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