Online Metrics Continue To Confound ; Online Radio Stats Hard To Pin Down


An estimated 30 million U.S. internet users listen to online radio; the numbers and the niche targeting ability should make it an attractive advertising option. But online radio stations are having a hard time measuring their audiences in a way that makes sense for advertisers and leaves money on the table. Adding to the problem: dueling measurement systems that produce different results. The Journal describes two camps: those repped by Ronning Lipset endorse use of an Arbitron/ComScore Media Metrix system (includes Clear Channel, Yahoo and AOL) and those repped by Net Radio Sales prefer newcomer Ando Media LLC (includes CBS, Cox Radio and indies). Arbitron uses a 200,000-person panel tracked by software; Ando monitors server logs. ESPN Radio is trying both — the difference: 8.5 percent for a recent sampling
The article includes a chart for average listeners in January: Arbitron’s top client is Yahoo with 2,637,100; the five listed for Ando combined barely equal that.

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