Flickr Upload & Tagging with Quicksilver


I know, I haven’t released the next Quicksilver video, but [hopefully] in short order, it’ll be here. But for now, check out Flicksilvr. It’s a great plugin that allows you to tag and upload one or many picture files from anywhere on your system, with the use of Quicksilver.

Simply select the pictures you want to upload to flickr, invoke QS, load the selected files into QS (cmd g), and then select the ‘upload to flickr’ action. A tab into the third pane lets you type in space separated tags for your photo(s).

The first time you do it, it’ll get your login if your browser doesn’t have a current flickr session, and then it will go to the flickr page to authorize Quicksilver to use the flickr api. Then you’re good to go!



Iphoto plus KA + FlickrExportr finally give a reliable system to tag and keep offline/online pictures sincronyzed.

Because iPhoto does not use getInfo comments for keywords thoug, the whole system does not fit into a quicksilver workflow. Too bad … I’d like to tag my pics like any other file on the file system (command-space->Add Tags); this would be more general and powerful when trying to retrieve tagged ‘stuff’ with quicksilver/spotlight; I would see pictures, PDFs whatever …

Nick Santilli

Hey Steve,

Yeah, I know. I’ve got a couple more screencasts up my sleeve in the near future, but Snapz Pro X is failing me as I’ve upgraded to an Intel MacBook. So I’m gonna give iShowU a shot as soon as I have a little free time to do it.

Glad they’re helping you a bit. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!
and if you’ve got any requests, let me know.


Thanks for all your work and demonstrations of this program

I’ve only been using it for a day – but have no problem setting it up, installing plug-ins, appending to files and now can take a screenshot, compress it and upload it to flicr too.

TIme for a few more videos though :-)


Jeff, if you have the iPhoto plugin for Quicksilver, you can search for photos in iPhoto from QS, then pile them up with the ‘,’ key. Then select the flickr upload as an action… there you go.


N.B. At first this would not work for me (CMD-G pulled up Desktop within QS instead of the images); eventually I noticed that QS:Preferences:Extras:”Pull selection from front application instead of Finder” was not selected. Turning that on fixed everything. (Make sure there is a checkmark next to that option, for the original poster’s instructions to work).

Also, I noticed that the photos will upload in the order they are selected to be uploaded.


Its interesting to see the relation between “web 2.0” sites and the use of software (thought api’s or not) to interact with them (since the ideia of web 2.0 is not using “offline” software), even though in this case you get much more if you visit flicr, well if you can cut some minutes in your life…i guess it’s all good ^_^


The post with the download link says you can send photos from iPhoto with this too. But I can’t seem to figure it out…

Peter Garner

Sweet, especially for images that are not in iPhoto (Flickr Export does a great job for that). Thanks for the heads up.

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