Flickr Upload & Tagging with Quicksilver

I know, I haven’t released the next Quicksilver video, but [hopefully] in short order, it’ll be here. But for now, check out Flicksilvr. It’s a great plugin that allows you to tag and upload one or many picture files from anywhere on your system, with the use of Quicksilver.

Simply select the pictures you want to upload to flickr, invoke QS, load the selected files into QS (cmd g), and then select the ‘upload to flickr’ action. A tab into the third pane lets you type in space separated tags for your photo(s).

The first time you do it, it’ll get your login if your browser doesn’t have a current flickr session, and then it will go to the flickr page to authorize Quicksilver to use the flickr api. Then you’re good to go!


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