UMPC- the end of the PDA?

Microsoft MVP Darryl Burling has posted a prediction that the high-end PDA will disappear in the next few years with the release of the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).

The UMPC will probably mean that the larger form factor Pocket PC’s will dissapear over time. This of course makes perfect sense, given that the larger Pocket PC’s fill a niche that would be better served with a UMPC – i.e. something that has a form factor big enough to use comfortably, but powerful enough to do most tasks with. Unfortunately high end Pocket PC’s have largely failed in the latter regard – as they just dont have the power to easily handle applications that you’d want in the larger form factor. Not to mention that most of these devices dont have phone functionality, so they are not even connected all the time.

Darryl may be on to something but it is important to take the form factor into account. The UMPC is much larger than any Pocket PC or PDA and I don’t see a lot of owners of these devices dropping them for a device that is two times the size. While it is true that the full power of the UMPC makes it a much better alternative to the PDA (at least for me) that alone won’t necessarily entice PDA owners to drop them. I think even when UMPCs are released that rival the PDA price-wise there will still be those who prefer a smaller device, especially one that will fit in a pocket. What do you think?

(via UMPC Buzz)


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