Most excellent OneNote 2007 video


Darren Strange has produced a great video overview of OneNote 2007 that highlights the interaction between this new version and the other applications in the Office 2007 family. Of particular note to me is the ability to have notes become tasks in Outlook, and when you mark them complete in OneNote it is flagged complete in Outlook too. Very nice stuff and the video has pushed me over the edge. I’m going to install the Office 2007 beta today.


Amit | Web Design

I have discovered OneNote about a year ago, when I was working on a new web developing project.
The project was demanding for research and collecting information from many resources.
OneNote was the perfect solution for us.

Today we use only OneNote for our web developing projects and research.

Thank you for the interesting post.
Happy to learn new things every day.



Sorry I should have been more clear. The release notes that came with my 5308 specifically state that Office 2007 software doesn’t work and is not supported on 5308.


Whens the public beta coming? I need to sort out my folders and I’m hoping this is the answer

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