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Microsoft Working On Portable Gaming Device: Report

Now I really wish I’d written up my theory that Microsoft has a handheld Xbox in the works, something that’s made much more sense to me all along than the notion of a rumored competing music player. (I have witnesses. Really.) Dean Takahashi says there is such a Microsoft product — an ‘Xplayer” intended as a combo game/music/video player and designed to be a Sony/Nintendo/iPod slayer. Wishes, horses, etc.
Still, as he points out, some of the best MSFT minds are working on it led by J Allard with Bryan Lee picking up the business end. In fact, he reports that approval of the product led to the leadership changes in Robbie Bach’s Entertainment and Devices Group. Suddenly, a lot of details make more sense.

The plans reportedly include a music service codenamed “Alexandria.”


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