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Microsoft Uses Windows Live To Target Craigslist, Others

Unlike Google Base, which has yet to register the kind of impact some obersers predicted, Microsoft’s Windows Live Expo may actually be the classifieds service that turns out to be a real challenge for vaunted Craigslist. Bob Tedeschi sees in Expo “a more comprehensive approach” that folds in other services like IM (205 million users) and MSN Spaces (450 40 million users; 100 million visitors). While Craigslist has created community in many instances, Expo taps into Microsoft’s existing and constantly expanding community; one feature even allows advertisers to restrict viewing to their own community.
So what’s Craigslist doing? Nothing head on, says CEO Jim Buckmaster; simply continuing on its path of new markets and multilingual sites in a space that he thinks can support numerous efforts. But he admits this could be a good test of whether the Craigslist’ philosophy matters as much to users as the competition’s “incremental bells and whistles.”

Correction, 3/21: The folks at Blogebrity win this week’s copy-editing prize for catching the typo that gave MSN Spaces even greater reach than in reality.