OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #17


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Marc Orchant and I take a different tack with this show and address some very thoughtful questions from listener Rob Halligan.  Rob wants to know how to keep his desktop, smartphone, and soon to be purchased Tablet PC or UMPC all synchronized so his PIM data and files will be with him everywhere he goes.  His questions get the two of us into a discussion of Office 2007, how to keep files and information better organized, and Marc drops the bomb about the Outlook 2007 book he is writing for Wiley.  Wow, what a show!  We even presented the first Golden Slate award for best special effects (or something to that effect) in a Tablet PC related video demo.

Rob’s thoughtful questions got him a copy of the More Space book from Marc so you never know what might happen.  Get those questions and/or ideas for future shows to Marc and I.  Rob did.

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Enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.



Re: the DualCor- I agree it has great potential in the enterprise and why I agreed to join the Board of Technical Advisors. I will be chiming in with a lot of good info as soon as I get my hands on one, which should be a couple of weeks.


Thanks for the kind words, Rich. Your point about the Origami in business is well taken and I have bumped it up to the front page to get some discussions about it.

Rich Schulthess

Hey! Just a quick note to let you guys know that my new Creative Zen Vision:M and your fantastic podcasts have turned my commute time into a far more pleasant and informative experience!

I’m a developer who very much shares your love for the tablet PC. I’m typing this on my Acer TravelMate C110 which is my (almost) constant companion.

Thanks for introducing me to Michael Linenberger. I’m midway into his total workday control book and can already see that his ideas will change my opinion of Outlook forever. Thanks also for making me aware of Mind Manager. I was using a mind mapping product named “Mind Genius” but have always felt that it’s integration with Office products was not as good as it should be. Looks like Mind Manager did it right and I have a copy on order. Also ordered JCVGantt and InkGestures because of your excellent podcasts.

I certainly agree with your crystal ball about the future of UMPC but I see another role for this device. I’m currently working with Public Safety systems (Police, Fire, and Homeland Security) in Atlanta. The need for mobility is obvious. Now that “broadband everywhere” is essentially a reality, innovative new approaches to front line support are starting to emerge. As an example, look at the capabilities delivered by InfoKall (infokall.com). They are a great example of one of my sayings: “Computers should work for people rathere than the wrong way around”. Well designed apps that place computing horsepower INTO process flow really make a difference!

Unfortunately, the leveraging of broadband everywhere and it’s importance to mobiity by InfoKall and others has been largely limited to PDAs and you have talked about the limitations of screen size and other fact5ors with these devices. My crystal ball sees some HUGE potential for UMPCs to become smart clients in publis safety, healthcare, and many other business scenarios where mobility is key. I bet we’ll soon see ruggedized UMPCs and, when we do, the commercial community will be extremely receptive.

One device that is getting a lot of attention from the software community developing mobile applications for business is the DouCor. I haven’t heard you guys comment on it’s unique design and form factor and I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Thanks again and please keep up the good work. I’ll blow the dust off my PayPal and contribute to the cause very soon!

Rich Schulthess (pronounced Shol-tess)
Innovative Solution Builders
Hope to have SolutionComponents.com above the trees soon (WAY overdue)!

David Keppler

Thanks for that James, I will see if I can get his travel details. What email do I use for you? I couldn’t see one on your site apart from the News and tips one.



Hi David, it’s your lucky day as I happen to be in Houston. You can usually find Tablets on display in most Best Buy stores here, particularly the Gateway. MicroCenter has the ThinkPad X41 Tablet on display. Of course, it could be different by May.

Since I am in Houston I would be willing to meet with your client and give him a demo to show how I use it for note-taking and general business use. It would depend on exactly when he would be in Houston and where he will be. Houston is a HUGE city. Drop me an email to pursue this if you are interested.

David Keppler

Hi Guys, great Podcast as usual.
Can you help? I have a client who is a compulsive note taker, he has piles of a4 Notepads that go back years, and covering all the meetings he has had. He also uses a Standard laptop and Treo at the moment for other work. I have convinced him that some sort of digital note taking would be a much better solution as he can never find the pad he is looking for, let alone the correct note in it! We have tried the CyberPad that Mark recommended last year but found that hopeless, the writing recognition was terrible, even using block letters. Yes, you could store the note in ink form, but finding a particular note again was impossible.
This has put him off the idea of a Tablet, and he will only go ahead if he can try one. Now this is a problem, because you may think Tablets are not very well publicised in the States, but that’s nothing compared to over here in the UK, where nobody seems to have even heard of a Tablet PC! Much less have a demo unit.
He has a trip planed to Houston in May and I wondered if you could point him at a store that would have a display unit? I know you have mentioned before that there are some stores in the States that carry Tablets, but I can’t remember which ones you said.


Skip, you are making us blush. :) Seriously, I am glad that you got something to take away from the podcast. That is our ultimate goal with each show and I am happy you found it useful. It is always useful for me to hear how other people are performing tasks similar to the ones I do daily. I usually find a little twist on the way I do things to make me a little more efficient. Thanks for listeningg to the show. :)

Skip Mayhew

As a regular listener to your podcasts, let me say that #17 was, for me, one of the best podcasts I have ever heard. I’m sure it is because I am going through the same thing that the listener is. I have taken Michael Linenberger’s suggestions to heart that he sets forth in his two books. Maybe it is because I don’t have to change dramatically the way I was doing things. I have made my tablet my main computer through the use of a port replicator. I really liked the way you explained your use of OneNote. I am a devoted OneNote user and never thought of keeping client’s information in OneNote, in addition to having it on the server. I have even downloaded the podcast so I can refer to it again in the future. Thanks for a great show and keep up the good work.

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