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Firefox 2.0 or not

If everyone is doing 2.0, why not Firefox 2.0. Hell they have a more legitimate reason to use 2.0 than anyone else. The internets are buzzing with news that Mozilla folks have released an early alpha of Firefox 2.0. Actually that is not true, says Asa Dotzler, one of the powers-that-be a Mozilla and Firefox.

When we make a new release, we’ll say so. Please don’t report new releases because someone checks in a change to the user agent or similar. If we’re actaully doing a release, we’ll announce it. Thanks.

The software you can download right now, code named Bon Echo is an early alpha and not an official release, and is available for how shall I say, informal downloads. Update: Niall IMed me and let me know that the code for Firefox 2.0 alpha 1 was frozen last week, and we should expect an announcement sometime later this week. The real thing will be released in September 2006, according to some reports. (More info @ Mozilla Wiki)

Still, I couldn’t resist downloading it, and trying it out. It does feel faster and more responsive at least on OS-X, though not as spiffy as Camino. It has a cleaner interface, though you wouldn’t notice it. I bet this one is going to be one impressive upgrade. Okay Mozilla and Firefox attention, you have my attention.

Bonus link: Ben Goodger on Mozilla’s move (closer to Google) and what Mozilla needs to do in the future.

(Download Mac version here, and windows version here. )

9 Responses to “Firefox 2.0 or not”

  1. “have a more legitimate reason to use 2.0 than anyone else. “

    Firefox is build on many versions of Netscape and Mozilla technology. Its version number approaching 2.0 is as arbitrary as any version number.

  2. david and mcubed, i have heard precisely the same stories. i think the ff 1.5 is bloated and boring, and that is why i find 2.0 refreshing from a speed perspective.

    opera, somehow doesn’t do it for me. don’t ask me why, but it just doesn’t …

  3. hey mark,

    flash is still a problem which is why i split the time between camino and safari. i don’t think unless they do a proper intel-mac ready browser that i would consider using firefox.

    thanks for the tip on zapping flash plugin.

  4. FF 2.0 could hardly be slower or less responsive than FF 1.5 or it would cease to function altogether. I gave up on it — Camino is infinitely better on OS X, and Epiphany kicks its butt on Debian GNU/Linux. Don’t know about Windows.

    It’s a shame the once “lightweight” alternative to the Mozilla suite has now become more bloated and all-consuming (as in RAM) than the suite ever was, even with the built-in email client.

  5. Mark Thomson


    For faster FF surfing on OS/X try one of the optimized MacIntel or PPC builds. FF is way more responsive now on my G4.

    2nd tip for a much faster FF experience in OS/X is to disable Flash using the ‘Flashblock’ extension. Macromedia’s implementation of the Flash plugin for OS/X browsers is notoriously slow and buggy. Flashblock allows you re-enble flash elements with a click as needed.

    On second thought if you’re on macIntel I’m not sure if Flash is still a problem… won’t hurt to try it I suppose.