Is Dennis Rice the president of Vodafone?


You be the judge. I ran across a news item that shows the president of Vodafone shaking the hand with a Softbank executive to symbolize the sealing of the $15 billion dollar buyout of Vodafone. My reaction to the picture was immediate, I have met Dennis Rice of GottaBeMobile a couple of times and I’m telling you, the guy in this picture is Dennis. Here’s a comparison photo- you tell me if it’s the same guy or not. Does anybody know for sure where Dennis has been the past few weeks? Hmmm…

Pres. of Vodfone (on the left)

Dennis Rice (GottaBeMobile photo)


Dennis Rice

LOL. My secret is out.

My secret second life as a major executive.

Now I’m gonna have to disclose the rest of the story. Nawwww, never mind. You found out this much, figure out the rest on your own!

I’m gonna get you back JK!

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