Virtual demo of the UMPC


Hugo Ortega of UberTablet decided to see for himself how his everyday programs would look on the 800×480 display that is the default resolution for UMPCs. He installed the UMPC Display Emulator on a touch screen Tablet and produced a five minute video showing how the programs look at that screen resolution. He ran the entire demo using his fingertips, which to me is one of the strengths of the UMPC. Give the video a look on his blog.


Chris Paton

Thanks for the link. Nice to see how these things will look. One thing that struck me was that the virtual keyboard looked a little too small for typing at a decent speed on.


Josh Bancroft

Cool idea – I considered doing this on my X41 tablet (not touch, but hey). But the one thing I’m most excited about on UMPCs is the Touch Pack software enhancements – DialKeys, 10″ interface, etc. Too bad there’s not a way to try that out, too.

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