More on Voda-SBank Deal: Yahoo Content Deal Possible

A friend-of-a-friend reasoning, but makes sense: with Softbank buying out Vodafone’s stake in Japan, a content supply link between Vodafone Group and Yahoo could be one results, says this story.

Softbank owns a 41 percent stake in Yahoo Japan and 4 percent of Yahoo’s main U.S. unit….as part of this deal, Vodafone and Softbank are looking to work together to supply and distribute data and content. “We are looking, studying what we can do together,” said Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone in a conference call. “Obviously Yahoo is a strong brand with good media and content, Softbank has a number of good media properties and Vodafone through Vodafone Live has some strong content. We’re asking ourselves is there some interesting way of putting this together that’s in the best interests of our customers.” Sarin said the talks are in the very early stages.

In February, Vodafone reached a deal to put Google’s search engine on its Vodafone Live mobile content service.

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