MindManager Pro 6 now has WebEx Collaboration


Seamless Integration with World’s Leading On-Demand Collaboration Solution Accelerates Results with Virtual Teams

LARKSPUR, CALIF., March 16, 2006-Mindjet Corporation, the leading provider of software for visualizing and managing information, announced today its new Mindjet® MindManager® Instant Meeting, powered by WebEx. MindManager Instant Meeting enables users to instantly launch a WebEx Meeting Center session from within MindManager Pro 6 and invite other team members, regardless of their location, to the online meeting. Once in the virtual meeting space, the team can use MindManager’s intuitive visual interface to capture, organize, and share information. The combination of Mindjet software technology and WebEx collaboration solutions enable teams to quickly move from initial brainstorming to detailed planning and implementation of a wide range of business initiatives.

“Mindjet enables teams to create a richer meeting experience based on the visual capture and sharing of ideas and information,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaborative Computing, Composite Applications and the Enterprise Workplace at IDC. “By partnering with WebEx, Mindjet now makes its innovative meeting experience instantly available to distributed business teams for more efficient, creative, and enthusiastic collaboration.”

Mindjet has built a strong following for its visual productivity software, which is based on the mind mapping technique. More than 750,000 customers around the world use MindManager individually or in teams to brainstorm new ideas, connect those ideas in one single view to a wide range of information types, and then create actions, assignments and due dates to implement those ideas. Mindjet’s new alliance with WebEx will make it easier than ever for distributed business teams to collaborate online.

“The combination of MindManager Pro 6 and WebEx allows distributed team members to see ideas connected visually, clarifying the discussion and shortening the path from brainstorming and planning to implementation and action,” said Gary Griffiths, vice president of products, WebEx. “MediaTone, our on-demand platform, makes it easy for third-party providers to WebEx-enable their applications and add valuable, contextual web collaboration capabilities. By integrating WebEx, Mindjet customers can instantly share MindManager’s visual meeting space with team members across the hall or around the world.”

MindManager Instant Meeting powered by WebEx enables MindManager customers with WebEx accounts to instantly launch a web meeting and begin sharing the MindManager application. The new software will be available as a free add-in, compatible with MindManager Pro 6 and WebEx Meeting Center (full license and trial versions). MindManager users without WebEx accounts will receive a WebEx trial that will enable them to initiate free online meetings for 14 days. For complete system requirements and a Quick Tour, please go to www.mindjet.com/webex.

“MindManager is deeply valued among teams across the enterprise for its ability to help them move quickly from brainstorming and planning to action,” said Robert Gordon, CEO of Mindjet. “The WebEx integration enhances MindManager’s value and serves to introduce it to a wider audience, further growing the concept of mind mapping and enhancing the quality of meetings and team collaboration worldwide.”

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