MindManager Inkshow on GottaBeMobile


The GottaBeMobile team has posted an excellent video demo of MindManager on a Tablet PC. Dennis Rice walks us through a planning session using MindManager with ink and takes it all the way to a final outline in Microsoft Word. Very well done but now I have to build a swing in my back yard.



Dennis, I couldn’t resist downloading the eval, watching your ink show, and then making my first mind map. I mapped out my picks for the NCAA basketball tourney (along with reasoning for each pick like conference strength) and though many of my picks didn’t work out, I quickly became enamored with the process, especially with the pen. Now I know why people use heroine….

Dennis Rice

I predict an epidemic of swing building coming James, as a result of my demo! LOL

Just to push the point, I would really like to encourage people to take a look at this software (Mind Manager). It is useful in many more situations than swing building. It works for project planning, task lists, etc., and extends into to so many other applications.

It is addicting. Don’t download the eval version if you do not want to get hooked.

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