Google Counsel: Misquoted

Andrew McLaughlin, the Google general counsel senior policy counsel, who supposedly said that the FCC sucks says he was totally misquoted by Light Reading. He posted his response to my previous post on this subject.

…. I didn’t say that the FCC sucks. Rather, the opposite. What I did at the VON panel was list the 5 top arguments of libertarian opponents of Net Neutrality. Number 5 on that list: The FCC sucks, and can’t be trusted to regulate in a lighthanded way. Note: Not my argument. Rather, that’s the other side’s argument, and the one that has to be addressed by proponents of Net Neutrality (like me!). I even later joked about the inevitability of being misquoted. And yes, sure enough.

Well, in that case, my apologies Mr. McLaughlin, and I hope Mark Sullivan, the Light Reading reporter chimes in with his side of the story.