MFuel- power your notebook up to 10 hours on the road


I am all about working without compromise while on the road and to do that you must be confident you have sufficient power to last you all day. I heard about the MFuel Power Banks from the Daily GizWiz podcast and visited the product web site to size up the product. I must say, the MFuel power solutions look really nice. The MFuel consists of a power bank, otherwise known as a battery, and a lot of “hot tips” and connectors to fit almost any mobile device you might want to power. It uses retractable cables to make for the smallest travel size possible and appear to be constructed very well. There are three different models to choose from, running from $200 – $400. This is pretty expensive but the company claims you can power everything from cell phones to PSPs and laptops.



I couldn’t find any specifications about it. Only a box shot saying 7000 mAh. But how many volts? More clearly, how much watt-hours?

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