Marc Orchant’s thoughts on a simultaneous Vista and Office 2007 launch


Good buddy Marc Orchant reports on a rumored simultaneous launch for Vista and Office 2007 later this year. I have to agree with Marc, users making the double upgrade may be biting off more than they (or their systems) can chew. There are dozens of good comments to Marc’s post so give it a good read and chime in with your thoughts. My favorite quote from Marc:

I have mixed feelings about attempting a 2006 (?) version of this nuttiness. To be sure, there’s a lot to be excited about in both releases. And Microsoft is gambling big time on these releases to reinvigorate their two primary revenue streams. But I worry that, in an effort to maximize excitement, what will actually take place will more like deer-in-the-headlights paralysis than cattle stampede.



If I recall, Microsoft (Bill Gates himself) announced at the Professional Developers Conference last fall that Vista and Office 12 will be relaeased together as part of the largest marketing push by Microsoft to date.


The only way to get the full benefit from Vista is by upgrading your applications to Vista-aware applications. It seems unlikely that Aero will be a killer enhancement for Word/Excel but the new heap API has an impact on both. And of course for Tablet users the new Office Vista enhancements have serious benefits.

I just wish they had a Vista version of MS Reader, no major desires, just one that could be activated on Vista so the DRM worked again would be nice, sigh…

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