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@ Contenido Movil: Karaoke Ringback Tones

People who find ringtones and ringback tones annoying are going to have more to complain about soon…Steve Zitnick, CTO of Interop Technologies, told the Contenido Movil conference about a new ringback service they’re selling — Karaoke Tones. The idea is to have people visit a website and enter their phone number…they’ll then receive a phone call which has a recording function, with obvious results. When the person is finished it gets published into the ringback library for use by anyone who wants its. It’s got full lyric synchronization, music and vocal tracks and all that, although a cost wasn’t mentioned in the presentation. It’s network based so it’s not dependent on people having a certain level of handset and Interop is currently in the process of doing three rollouts in the US. He also said something in passing about them having a patent on the system, but didn’t elaborate.
In terms of LatAm I can only speak from my experience in Mexico but Karaoke is reasonably big there, a lot of families have a machine and I’ve been alarmed to see it brought out at gatherings…
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