What’s in a name?


A lot, apparently. Kevin, Dave and I (OK, mostly me) had fun on the last MobileTechRoundup podcast and started pronouncing the UMPC acronym “umpsie”. That particular pronunciation is not sitting too well with Warner and Layne and in Warner’s case is even driving him to drink. Don’t worry guys, we were just clowning around and weren’t seriously considering calling them umpsies. I think I’m just going to call them Origamis and be done with it.



Warner, our case has now been picked up by the Grand Representative International Podcasters of Excellence (GRIPE) board and we are confident it will be dropped by the FCC shortly. If not, then the Electronic Freedom Frontier International Nation (EFFIN) will step in and things will get really exciting.


Must admit – I was getting worried you’d start calling tablets “Teepsie’s”

Good discussion guys…

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