The experts compare the DualCor cPC and the UMPC


The Computer Outlook Radio Show with John Iasiuollo is a nice show that always has some interesting discussion about mobile devices. Recently Chris DeHerrera and Rey Flores joined John to compare the DualCor cPC with the UMPC. It’s an interesting show with a lot of good information so give it a listen here (right-click and save). Interesting point that came out in this show- DualCor is going to sell the cPC to the enterprise only, at least initially.



Enterprise only? Great. Some of us are 1 person enterprises, how do we get one?

Colin Walker

Good podcast but my main issue with the show is the constant “what’s better” between the two devices.

You can’t do a direct comparison between the two types of device as they are intended for completely different markets and form factors.

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