The Future of VoIP & Web Apps


I am Lifeblogging the VoN show. No words, just photos. Check out the super booth for Open Source Asterisk. On to Flickr for photos.

On the eve of VoN – The Voice over The Net trade show, Niall Kennedy and I got together to discuss the the future of Voice on the Net, mobile platforms and how the web 2.0 world doesn’t really incorporate the other two elements of the “next net” in their product strategies. We talk about when it makes sense for Web apps to add voice or mobile capabilities? What are the costs and benefits?

Are so called “web 2.0” companies just shinier versions of existing applications? Is anyone actually pushing the envelope and inventing entirely new industries? IP-based voice applications have already changed the way we think about communicating online. Mobile phones are now common tools of daily communication with relatively fast data connections with always-on access to the Web and focused data. Why are we not seeing more integration of voice and mobile into new web applications?

We are encouraging that start-ups walk through the halls of focused gatherings such as VON or CTIA to gather new ideas about product integration across multiple mediums and devices. This week’s PodSession, VoIP and mobile integration, is 23 minutes long, a 11 MB download.


Erik Schwartz

Great podcast.

I’m part of a team of ex-Yahoo!’s from the old days (the ’90s) who have a stealth mode company in this space.

We’re pleased to see that our ideas might be appreciated.

steven e streight aka vaspers the grate

New industries? Too early to tell, perhaps. But the whole DIY thing is exploding.

I am trying to bundle or somehow group a suite of Blogosphere 4.0 tools for the New Super Blogs that I envision: multi-media, multi-tasking, hyper-interactive blogs that may also serve as micro-portals.

I include such items as Swicki custom search engines, Pollhost online surveys, Bloglet email updates, Odeo podcasts, Skype VoIP, Audacity, etc.

I believe that bloggers must consider the possibility of moving far beyond dopey “digital journals” and go into deeper realms of functionality and user benefit.


Great podcast, Om. The integration of Voice with consumer and business apps is an area that has not received adequate attention, but will following this podcast.


Seems that Web 1.0 had the goal to “change the world”

Web 2.0 has the goal “change the web”

Two very different things. More “change the world” projects would make Web 2.0 a lot more interesting, and perhaps relevent to a larger group of people.

Of course, most of the “change the world” projects failed spectacularly, wheras even a moderate changing of the web can keep a company in business.

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