Installing the UMPC in the car?


The 7 inch screen of the UMPC combined with full Windows XP Tablet capability makes it a device that can provide a wide range of functionality. These are full PCs so any work you do on your computer can be done on the UMPC (except for work that requires a large screen). The UMPC is also a great MP3 player, video player, and a GPS navigation system and this hasn’t been overlooked by dedicated car PC modders. A quick check of, a car modders dream site, finds a full discussion of the ease in which UMPCs can be installed in cars. It’s a sometimes humorous discussion with modders lamenting all the work they spent putting a capable computer system in their car when all they need now is to install the UMPC. I predict there will be a lot of different uses that will surface that the UMPC can provide right out of the box.



Thanks for pointing out the typo- it’s been fixed. Perhaps the UMPC all in one solution will bring the capability to the masses. :)


I’m a frequenter of (not as stated in your post, though the link works) with about 1000 posts on the forums, and sure the UMPCs might be a nice pop in solution, but where’s the fun in that?

Prebuilt desktops years ago were nice easy solutions, but what geek didn’t build their own? Putting a carpc in my car taught me way more about my car (I knew virtually nothing, as there are no “shop” classes around today), and sure I blew a few fuses, but it was an awesome, fun learning experience.

There will be some that argue for the UMPCs for simplicity, but nothing beats the W?BIC satisfaction of doing it yourself. :D


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