Company turns the Motion LS800 into a touch screen Tablet


White Electronic Designs Corporation (WEDC) is offering the Motion LS800 Tablet PC with a touch screen. File this in the “why would anyone do that” category since the LS800 is one of the nicest small Tablet PCs around. Here’s what the WEDC web site states:

Our Touch Tablet PC’s are developed starting with Motion Computing’s LS800 Tablet PC Series. The Enhanced 8.4″ Touch Tablet PC is one of the smallest and lightest Tablet PC’s available today. It is compact and offers exceptional mobile performance with Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology. It is complete with Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC functionality, has wireless capabilities for optimal mobility and performance, measures 8.94″ x 6.69″ x 0.87″ and weighs 2.2 lbs.

No mention of pricing but it seems to me that if you take a Tablet PC with an active digitizer, which costs more than an passive one, and then add a passive digitizer layer on top of that, you end up with a very expensive device. Unless WEDC is pulling the active digitizer totally out of the LS800 and replacing it with a passive one. Which given the imminent availability of UMPCs with 7 inch passive digitizers may not be the best move right now. I’m just saying.

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Isn’t Windows Vista for Tablet PC going to allow touch screen?

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