Cisco Vs Juniper: What A Game


Intel and Cisco have invested in Israel-based Exent Technologies, which has a platform for digital distribution of games. Not sure how much money changed hands. Other investors in the company include Time Warner, Comcast, Concord Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. Exent has software that does all sorts of boring but important like secure digital delivery of gaming software and manage the billing.

Exent is used by Comcast, Yahoo!, Bell Canada, RCN, Atari-On-Demand, Deutsche Telekom, Wanadoo, Telefonica, KPN, Telenet, Telenor, Fujitsu, and Swisscom. The big question is – how will Zvi Levgoren, Exent CEO going to reconcile taking money from Cisco, especially since he is also working with the other big router maker, Juniper Networks. It is all very mysterious. Did Cisco invest to do an end run around Juniper? Hmmmm!

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