Sony’s Plea On PS3 Patent Verdict Turned Down

In what could be a setback to Sony’s PS3 plans, a federal judge turned down the company’s plea to overturn a jury verdict that awarded $90.7 million to Immersion over accusations of patent infringement. Immersion had sued the PlayStation maker alleging that Sony’s DualShock controllers infringed its “haptic technology” (which allows game controllers to vibrate in response to certain events). Immersion won the case in 2004. Now with Sony’s appeal turned down by the court, the Japanese giant may have to pay a higher licence fee of 5 percent of its revenues to Immersion than its current 1.37 percent. More than that, it could be prevented from selling PlayStations in the U.S. if an appeal against an injunction goes the same way.

Sony’s Upcoming PS3 May Do Too Much