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Soccer World Cup Not Likely To Kick Start Mobile TV

FIFA World Cup 2006 LogoThe FIFA World Cup will be unlikely to kick-start the nascent mobile TV industry in the way that proponents of the technology had hoped, mainly because arguments over which transmission standard to use among Germany’s 15 regional media authorities has delayed plans for a nationwide broadcast. Instead there will be more limited, local trials in some regions.
This is a microcosm of the industry as a whole, especially in Europe, where most players want a continent-wide system but disagree on the technology to use. It goes further…Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute is developing a new mobile TV standard dubbed DXB (digital extended broadcasting) which is due to be ready by the end of the year.
Thankfully, DXB seems to be an attempt to harmonize the competing mobile TV technologies rather than adding to the pile.
Going to the Fraunhofer Institute‘s website there are some details of the project, which also involves Siemens, Sony, T-Systems and Vodafone. “The solution is based essentially on use of the Internet Protocol (IP). “One result of the project was the creation of the extended Digital Audio Broadcasting transmission standard. eDAB exhibits a high degree of commonality with DVB-H and MBMS,” explains Dr. Ralf Sch