Fans Prosecuted For Publishing Pirated Songs Online

Two men have been indicted in federal court in Tennessee on charges of violating a provision in the 2005 FECA law that specifically prohibits the prerelease of music and movies. The two apparently are big fans of Ryan Adams accused of posting some songs from his new album to a fan site a month before its September 2005 release.
Once again, the DOJ wants to send a message far beyond the two being prosecuted. U.S. attorney Jim Vines told the Hollywood Reporter: “Any perception that copyright violations are victimless crimes is just plain wrong. Whether stolen intellectual property is given away or sold by thieves for a profit, the rightful owners of such property are still hurt. … persons who knowingly violate federal copyright law face serious consequences whether or not they intend to harm anyone. Federal copyright violations are both a national and local priority and will be aggressively prosecuted in this district.”

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