Prodigem, a Torrent start-up is acquired


The interest in torrent-based distribution technology is increasing. A few months after Bit Torrent downloaded nearly $8.5 million in VC cash, there is word that Prodigem, started by our good buddy, Gary Lerhaupt, has been acquired by some unnamed Bay Area start-up. Gary writes about this on his blog, but refused to divulge names and the buyer. I am going to pester the hell out of him.



To add to the P2P M&A mix — I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Verisign bought Kontiki for $62M. Interesting times indeed.

Bob Aman

Good. Grief.

I could rewrite Prodigem in an afternoon. (Only because I put in all the heavy lifting already with my FeedTools library, but I digress.) And actually considered doing so when I happened to notice that Rocketboom was using them.

Really hoping this acquisition was done purely for the people and not the software.

Jacob Varghese

Is it possible for Apple/Vongo or some other media content provider to use these torrent-type systems without the consumer knowing – seamless interface?

I don’t think the average joe cares how he’s getting the content, just that it’s available and quick.

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