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Full Quicksilver Demo Movie 1

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Let’s try this again.

Here’s the full video, starting with the setup and an explanation.
Then you’ll see a demo of selecting a file in the Finder, launching Quicksilver with the selected file loaded, selecting the Email Directly action, and typing the name of the recipient.

Full Size mp4 (Quicktime) 9.8mb

I realize this is really small. I was trying to keep the file small for easy downloads. If the preference is for a larger, easier to see movie, let me know. I’m open to suggestions for whatever will work best for everyone. So let’s here the critiques in the comments. I want to make this better, so let’s hear it!

Next go around, I’ll be slowing down the demo itself, and putting up keystrokes on the screen, so they’ll only be getting better!

24 Responses to “Full Quicksilver Demo Movie 1”

  1. I don’t want to be too harsh… but the end demo is kind of useless. First of all, the action of get current selection is not easily found (or not findable in my case). Secondly, he just demoes here it goes… bang, bang, go. Bite me if you didn’t get that. For those of us lacking the patience or ability to find the get current selection in the actions menu (for a trigger), thanks for the suggestion to go to the services menu. But frankly, Mail is right there too. Why waste the steps going through QS?

    The second screencast is far more helpful (though on an older release, it seems).

    I barely use quicksilver due to the lack of documentation on how this could be useful.

  2. Andrew Schultz


    to stop the .txt extenstion from being added to the end of the .mp4 file you need to setup the MIME types correctly on your server. You can do this by editing or creating the .htaccess file in the root directory of your HTML folder on the server. Check out for a tutorial. If you don’t have access to the HTML folder(which would be odd) then you will have to contact your hosting company to have them change it.

  3. Hi!

    For all of you who can’t find the “Get Current Selection”-Action:

    I just wanted to say that the “Get Current Selection”-Function is not important for that task you show in the video. That action comes from the “Service Menu Module” and it makes accessible the function that you find when you click on [Application Name] -> Services -> Quicksilver -> Get Current Selection in the menu bar. For your example, only the “Current Selection”-Proxy is actually needed.

  4. Nick:

    We’re moving closer. I had all of those plug-ins installed except Gmail — I don’t use Gmail. But I installed it anyway.

    I still can’t get the trigger setup to work. When I checked the Plug-ins, however, I noticed that HotKey Triggers is installed and loaded, but its checkbox is grey, not black. It is checked, however. Is this a problem? Or is it greyed because it’s part of the Services Menu Module?

    Since I now understand how to make QS mail a file directly to a recipient, the only thing I’m missing is the triggering bit. It seems very buggy on my setup; QS crashes if I do too much manipulation of a trigger.

    Thanks for the help.

  5. Ah, sorry I missunderstood. Good plan – wish I could stick to a schedule like that! ;)

    ok, I’m going to recommend some plugins – anything I think MAY POSSIBLY have any effect on this nightmare demo – to install. here goes:

    Apple Address Book Module
    Apple Mail Module
    Gmail Module
    Hotkey Triggers
    Keychain Module

    ok, i THINK that may be it. Geez, sorry for the mess I’ve created here. We’ll try again soon, I PROMISE!

  6. Nick:

    Just to clarify: I meant that I would set aside a set time per day to get QS up and running properly (any new user can tell you that it does not work “out of the box”) and learn how to use it. During the rest of the day, I keep QS running and would use whatever skills I have, but if it wasn’t working as I expected it to, I wouldn’t try to solve it until the next day. I agree that you have to get used to working with it all the time.

    In response to your reply: I can type proxy in the first pane of the Triger set up, and right arrow to find the Get Current Selection. Yay!

    But that still leaves my second problem: how do I get the email action in the second pane? Typing “mail” or “email” doesn’t bring up any actions that look like reasonable candidates, and a simple right arrow only gives 8 options. Under Actions in the preference pane I’ve got all of the mail actions checked. I’m stuck.

    A side note: updated tutorials are sorely needed. I went through all the ones you recommended (and those that they recommended). But the big problem was that none are written for the current version. Thus, most of it doesn’t work, which is very frustrating. Heck, even the screenshots are bizarrely different. So, kudos to you for trying to bring this to the masses.

  7. margaret –
    first off, sorry for causing more frustration than fun. my intent was more to show what QS was capable of and to help people aspire to it and stick with it. but it’s become more a watch and learn and I misjudged that possibility. So I’ll be sure to skew things toward the tutorials side of the house, and orient them towards the QS newbies (no offense intended).

    second, I don’t know that having a set time to spend on QS is the best way to learn – sure it’s great to tinker, but it doesn’t have the same effect as after you’re using it without thinking.
    QS is fantastic for making mundane, mouse-heavy tasks simple, quick, and effortless, but you just have to remind yourself to invoke QS, type what I need, done. Just using it as you normally use your computer is the best way to get comfortable. From there, you’ll start to branch out into these more ‘technical’ items and then THEY’LL feel like second nature.

    To answer your question (finally, sorry for the diarrhea of the keyboard there):
    type ‘proxy’ into the first pane in the Trigger setup
    hit your RIGHT arrow to get a drop down of the available proxy objects
    select the Get Current Selection action
    in the 2nd pane (for this exercice) select the email action

    ***now, I went back and tried to do this myself, and there seems to be some bug and QS wigs out when I try to examine the Trigger I already setup. odd. But like I said, it IS beta software, so it’s somewhat unknown still.

    I’ll start with the basics – on my end as well, so nothing is taken for granted – shortly, and hopefully get everyone on the same page…

  8. Like Dave, I’m also not seeing “get current” in my actions. And yes, in the Catalog–>Quicksilver–>Proxy Objects is checked, and the Current Selection proxy object in the Info (Contents) is also checked.

    Anything else to check?

    Also, I’m not getting any Action other than “Copy to Clipboard” when I try to set up a trigger. I tried typing “load” and “email” and “mail” but not of the suggested actions that pop up look like what I want.

    I tried leaving the trigger set to “copy to clipboard”, figuring I’d try to invoke the email action when I was actually using Quicksilver. But the trigger command doesn’t seem to do anything. The program crashed twice during all of this, so I’m beginning to lose interest.

    If QS must run in developer mode in order to get useful functionality and developer mode is this unstable, then it’s not really a tool but a game. It’s kinda fun monkeying around with all of this, but I shouldn’t be pretending that I’m actually doing work.

    I originally planned to allow 30 minutes a day to QS for two weeks — just to see if I really could increase my productivity. Maybe I should be spending my time with Automator instead?


  9. I figured this out now.

    You see in the triggers, after setting Current Selection (proxy object), you select “Load in command window” as the action and then save it.

    Now when you select a file hit the trigger and it will be loaded and skip to action menu where you type your command.

    I can definitely see how all this becomes second nature. Must be hard to describe all this after getting used to it.

  10. Thanks for the quick response. The trigger isn’t making QS come up… and email isn’t available in the actions tab. Something must be setup differently.

    Also, my Gmail notifier will allow me to do a compose to, but it won’t automatically attach the file. I’m still missing something I think. I’ll read more of the intro stuff you posted to see if I can catch something.

  11. Mike,
    you can pick any action you want when you create the trigger. If you want, select the Email (send directly) action, as that’s the one we’re using in the demonstration.

    But the way QS works, is it’ll notmally default to an action that’s best suited to the type of file or item that’s in the first pane. (You can actually set these default actions up in QS prefs, but that’s for a different day)

    So no matter what the action is set to in the trigger, as soon as you invoke the trigger, QS will come up, your Finder-selected item will be loaded, and QS will be focused on the 2ndary pane (the action pane) and you can begin typing whatever action you want to take – be it email, copy to clipboard, run, open, move, etc, etc, etc. And QS will react immediately and load the action you choose.

    Hope that helped. Hope I understood your question correctly and didn’t just ramble needlessly for 3 paragraphs…

  12. I can’t seem to setup the trigger correctly. What other “Action” do you pick for the “Current Selection” item in the trigger menu. I can’t quite tell from the video. I’m really anxious to get to this to work.

  13. Dave –
    if you look at the info pane while selecting Proxy Objects (in the Catalog section of Preferences), is Current Selection actually checked? it needs to be enabled within the Proxy Objects to be available/work.

  14. Okay, I am doing something wrong. In my actions “get current” doesn’t appear. I am using Beta, developer. I also have proxy objects. But in the action menu nothign for get current.

  15. I’m new to the scene (mac and Quicksilver) so your tutorials really opened my eyes to a lot of things. But it would be nice to have a big screen version where I can see the text (can’t use sound). Maybe even a slow motion version! haha

    I must have watched the 5 second tutorial 20 times. Someone ought to write a book about Quicksilver, really! It could even be a good way for the developers to get some rightly deserved compensation, sharing some golden nuggets.

    Thanks for the series!

  16. It’s great that you are doing this, but you really need to make the movie bigger like (640×480) so people can read the text and such.

    I’d say it would be best to start from the beginning too going over the quick basics like Setting up QS, installing plugins, etc before getting into the more advanced stuff. A lot of people don’t know to enable the beta features and development versions and wonder why some options are missing for them.