Quicksilver Video: Emailing a File

WordPress sucks. major posting issues. This is truncated big time – sorry.

Watch for a nice, full featured video download to come… In the meantime:

(Sorry, YouTube kinda skewed my movie a bit…)

(Starting at the top of the Preferences items)
Application: First off, make sure you’re running Quicksilver with the most advanced Beta features enabled. This is quote-unquote unstable, but i rarely get a Quicksilver crash.
Catalog: Expand the Quicksilver section, and make sure that “Proxy Objects” is checked. This will be important for the Triggers section below.
Email Options: This is optional, but you can setup the basic subject line, general body text, and a custom sent-from address.
Handlers: If you use Mail.app, then this will be the default that Quicksilver will use to send your emails out. I’ve got mine set to Gmail Notifier, as I don’t typically use Mail that much.
Plugins: The Apple Address Book Module is the only required plugin for this exercise. Also, if you use Gmail, there’s a Gmail Module you’ll want to install – Thanks Kokopelli!
Triggers: I’ve setup a trigger that I activate with CMD + ESC, that loads whatever item(s) I’ve selected in the finder, directly into Quicksilver. To do this, you’ll use the Current Selection (Proxy Object we enabled earlier). You can set anything you want in the center pane, because once we use the trigger, we can easily start typing ‘Email’ and it’ll bring up the action we want to use.


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