Quicksilver Video: Emailing a File


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Watch for a nice, full featured video download to come… In the meantime:

(Sorry, YouTube kinda skewed my movie a bit…)

(Starting at the top of the Preferences items)
Application: First off, make sure you’re running Quicksilver with the most advanced Beta features enabled. This is quote-unquote unstable, but i rarely get a Quicksilver crash.
Catalog: Expand the Quicksilver section, and make sure that “Proxy Objects” is checked. This will be important for the Triggers section below.
Email Options: This is optional, but you can setup the basic subject line, general body text, and a custom sent-from address.
Handlers: If you use Mail.app, then this will be the default that Quicksilver will use to send your emails out. I’ve got mine set to Gmail Notifier, as I don’t typically use Mail that much.
Plugins: The Apple Address Book Module is the only required plugin for this exercise. Also, if you use Gmail, there’s a Gmail Module you’ll want to install – Thanks Kokopelli!
Triggers: I’ve setup a trigger that I activate with CMD + ESC, that loads whatever item(s) I’ve selected in the finder, directly into Quicksilver. To do this, you’ll use the Current Selection (Proxy Object we enabled earlier). You can set anything you want in the center pane, because once we use the trigger, we can easily start typing ‘Email’ and it’ll bring up the action we want to use.



I may have the same problem like dg. After tab-ing to the third pane quicksilver should let me search in my addressbook for a contact to send to. Instead I get the standard “no action here” sound and typing text doesent do nothing at all – no contacts or any other things show up. Did I miss something? The addressbook plugin is installed. Thanks much


when I tried to send email, the address did not appear in the third pane and I had to type the address. Can you please tell me what was possible wrong. many thanks.


I’ve also been having some problems getting a file to be attached to gmail. I have the gmail plugin installed, and gmail is selected to be my email handler in the Qs prefs. I also noticed that you have to install the mail plugin (since this appears to enable email access in general).

Anyway, what happens is, I have the file selected in QS, and execute the “email to” action- so gmail opens with a new message to the specified recipient. The subject is the attachement name, and the body of the message says “your files are attached to this message”. But it’s a lie- no files are attached.

can anybody help me out here?

Nick Santilli

This is why I hesitate to do a ‘from scratch’ tutorial. I’ve done so much, it’s hard to remember what’s out of the box, and what’s not. And what depends on what.. But I guess that’s what people want to know, eh?

Kokopelli’s got a handle on things – wanna collaborate? :)


I actually deleted my preferences on one of my systems and started from scratch. To get the gmail plugin to install properly you will also need to install the mail plugin (otherwise mail support does not get installed).

Once the mail and gmail plugins are installed then you will be able to set the mail handler to gmail.

Nick Santilli

Kokopelli – thanks for catching that – I missed the need for the Gmail Module – if you’re using Gmail that is.

Good Catch!!


Ross have you installed the GMail plugin? If you have, check to make sure gmail is set as the mail handler on the handler section of preferences.

Ross Graham

I have just created the same action based on your instructions, however the file is never passed to Gmail Notifier … or at least it does not show up in the Gmail window within my web browser.

I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to pass a file to Gmail in a web browser … am I missing something?

– r



I have been fiddling with the idea of making my own video tutorials since your post a few days ago. What I am doing is turning on the keyboard viewer (“show keyboard viewer” if you have the extra scripts plugin installed). I then set the key repeat to off. This allows me to hold down key combinations long enough for people to see them.

It does make for longer videos though. I am thinking about doing a process one time slowly to illustrate then a repeat of the process at full speed.


It would be helpful if you could superimpose the keystrokes on the screen in the video. I’m familiar w/ QS so I could figure out what was happening, but if it were my first time I would have no clue how to reproduce what happened.


Thanks a lot Nick,
I just made a trigger ctrl alt  m (what do you think about..?).
But where can I find shortcuts such as cmd g?

Nick Santilli

caruso – there are 2 ways to load the file into QS

1 – launch QS, and then hit CMD G to load the selected image.
2 – create a trigger with the proxy object action, Get Current Selection. this way you can launch QS AND load the currently selected item in one keystroke. I briefly explain this in the full video, watch for it SOON.

Nick Santilli

Hey Eric – yeah, I was afraid of that. This WP bug is really causing problems. I had to choose my words wisely, as it appears to break publishing when a post hits a certain length… Nice, eh?

I figured having the setup was more important than anything else – but I suppose if you don’t know what’s actually happening, that’s a problem too…

I’m putting the finishing touches the full video, so I’ll get it up here SOON.


First of all thanks to let me discovered Qs.
Well I tryed just what you wrote, but after selected the file, I “call” Qs but the file is not already selected in it… Why? I am sure I am loosing something…


Okay, I don’t get it so I’ll suppose I’ll wait for the full version.

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