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Qualcomm Draws Line In Sand On TD-SCDMA Royalties

Qualcomm is busy issueing licenses for the Chinese 3G standard TD-SCDMA. It just signed an agreement with German company 4G Systems which covers both W-CDMA and TD-SCDMA technologies.
Upon questioning about its licensing intentions:
“Qualcomm supports all 3G standards, including TD-SCDMA, which also is based on CDMA technology,” Qualcomm wrote in response to questions from RCR Wireless News. “As a senior member of the TD-SCDMA Forum, we continue to pay close attention to its development in China. We cannot speculate on potential roll outs or timing. We believe that we have essential intellectual property that applies and we already have approximately 60 license agreements outside of China that include TD-SCDMA (including Siemens).”
It seems to be a stealth mode introduction of licenses…all the companies are outside of China so far and I suspect they all produce other CDMA products and are getting the TD-SCDMA licence included in their other licences… the big test will be whether Qualcomm can get royalties out of the TD-SCDMA only Chinese companies…