New Feature: Video Quicksilver Demos


Here’s the deal people. Quicksilver (get over it, Quicksilver owns me, and I will forever write about it) is one of those apps that totally changes the user experience on a mac. Stop me if you’ve heard this before… But it’s also one of those things that is pretty difficult to really wrap your head around – even with some of the great tutorials available on these internets.

So this light bulb went on over my head, and I thought, “Let’s show people the power that Quicksilver possesses”. So I’ll be starting this new feature, that I’ll try to post weekly – until I run out of cool stuff to show – where I will post a video clip, explain what’s happening, and rundown the requirements in Quicksilver to perform the demo’d task.

The First Post will be coming along shortly.
If you’d like to see anything in particular or know some cool trick that you think should be shared with the world, let me know in the comments. I’ve got a few lined up for now, but am always open to suggestions and requests.

Hold onto your seats, and prepared to be changed forever. Maybe.


Noel McRae

I would love to have QT videos to demo to my MUG on QS.

Are there such items around?


Great idea.

I’ve downloaded Quicksilver a number of times, but have never used it. I just can’t figure out how to get it to do all the mind-blowing stuff that it can do.

I’m looking forward to following this series!

Angela Booth

Excellent! I’m a new Mac person and QS was one of the first “Mac” utilities I loaded.

Although I love QS as a program and URL launcher, and for its clipboard history, I know there’s so much more I COULD be doing with it, if I knew how. (Such as writing quick text notes with it.)

Thank you, I’m looking forward to the videos.


I absolutely love QS and have written a few tutorials on it. It would be great to have videos to enhance the learning experience. Also it would entice mac users who are not using it to do so!

Nick Santilli

Hey everyone, glad to hear the excitement about the idea – I must say I’m excited too.
I had the entire 1st one written up this morning and ready to rock. Then this friggin WordPress publishing bug struck (again) and I haven’t been able to put it up for the world to see. Hrmmmmph. So it’s waiting in the wings, and will be out just as soon as I can possibly publish.

as per your comments:
Matt L – I’m TOTALLY going to assume that you’re lumping me into that ‘geniuses’ comment you made. Not because I think that’s what you meant, but because my ego needs it. ;)

Chris – Well, yes, Snapz Pro X is the bomb, and that’s what I’ll be using to do these. The first go around though, I’m running them through youtube and will be embedding them in the post. No audio, just video, and a text explanation.

The point of these is, that the video is only like 5 seconds long – it shows the speed and power that QS is capable of.
But your idea is a great one – Maybe I’ll make a separate downloadable (iPod friendly OF COURSE) version, that will show the idea in practice, and then show the setup and all preferences with audio overlay….Hmmm, I like it.

Maybe while we’re waiting for the WP demons to be exorcised, I’ll get to work on that. Till then, stay tuned everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I must say that is a brilliant idea. I wish I had thought of it myself. The question i what to show first….

Chris Holland

I’ll have to second most everything that’s being said here. I’m really still a n00b quicksilver user and i’m really not making the most of it. Having visual support should greatly help. Hey see if you can make those videos h264’ed .m4v “Save to iPod” kinda dealios, so we can have those tutorials on our iPods, that’d be so TOTALLY NEAT. Are you going to use SnapZ Pro or something?

Matt Lindop

Top idea – I’ve been struggling to understand Quicksilver for ages.

I’ve often thought it would be good for geniuses to make videos of some of the things they do at their desk regularly. Jon Hicks showing us how he uses Fireworks, or why he uses Omniweb, for example.


That is a swell idea. I love QS, but always am learning new things about it. Looking forward to it.


I’d love to see some videos! Their website only have links to the plugins, no howto use them.


not everyone was seen the light of quicksilver but those of us who have want you to keep preaching the word.

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