More details on the TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC


You have seen photos of the upcoming TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC but probably didn’t know what device you were looking at and thanks to TabletKiosk CEO Martin Smekal I can share some new photos and details about the device that is soon to be released. The V-700 will be available in either black or white in keeping with TabletKiosk’s Tablet PC color schemes. Expect the V-700 to appear on the TabletKiosk web site later this month. Click to enlarge all photos.


  • CPU: VIA C7M 1 Ghz
  • CHIPSETS: VIA Vn800, Vt8237R
  • MEMORY: 1x SODIMM DDR2, 256MB – 1GB
  • BIOS: Phoenix, Boot from USB, APM 1.2, ACPI BIOS
  • BATTERY: 26W LiON, 2200 mAH
  • HDD: 2.5″, 40 – 160 Gb
  • VIDEO: VIA Vn800, 7 inch, 800×480, zoom function 800×600, 1024×600
  • AUDIO: AC97 codec, integrated speaker, head phone/ stereo MIC jack (3.5mm)
  • I/O DEVICES: WiFi (802.11b/g, Bluetooth, touch screen (resistive), Synaptics stick cursor
  • I/O PORTS: Power, headphone/ stereo MIC combo jack, 2xUSB 2.0, stylus holder, cradle connector
  • LED INDICATORS: power on, battery, HDD activity
  • BUTTONS: Left side: Left/ right mouse, D-Pad (4 direction + Enter), brightness toggle, zoom function; Right side: Mouse cursor + Enter, Page Up/ Down, Setting button- TBD, Media Button, Speaker; Right edge: Headphone/Mic, Volume Up/ Down, 1xUSB, Power switch/ Key lock, SAS (C-A-D); Left edge: DC in, 1xUSB, WLAN on/off
  • POWER: Mini AC Adapter, international voltage
  • DIMENSIONS: 228x146x25mm (8.97×5.74×0.98in), 0.9kg (1.98 lb)
  • ACCESSORIES: carry bag, external optical drive (optional), AC adapter, head phone/ mic, user’s manual, utility CDs, gift box

TabletKiosk v-700 front

V-700 handheld

V-700 left side

V-700 right edge



MADMAN — ultraportable machine? The XPS M140? That system seems to weigh 5.9 lbs!? Not quite ultraportable in my book.


i prefer ultraportable machine like the Dell XPS M140, it Performance wise, the Dell M140 notebook will be no match for it’s gaming sibling the XPS Gen 2. However, when you see that prices start at $999, and consider the battery life of around 6 hours, plus enhanced technical support, it does offer value for money. A useful multimedia upgrade comes in the form of the external TV Tuner (optional) for a hundred and thirty dollars

David Oberlin

This device can benefit much from MessagEase onscreen keyboard ( It provides a fast full keyboard for small, touchscreen devices like this!


English humour I’m afraid – I was being sarcastic about all those other people who said they were fake. There was a conspiracy thing going on earlier in the week on the web. (along with the hype).
Incidently there’s now video of a rather convincing looking apple mini video device with touchscreen circulating.


How are those VIA graphics chips? Do they support hardware T&L?

Hugo Ortega

Scoobie, Dude! Why would JK or Martin post specs and images of a fake-photoshop device??? Are you joking mate! Give these guys some credit dude!!!


Arent these the pictures everyone said where from Photoshop ?- ie fake!

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