jkOnTheRun exclusive- ALLTP lists the TabletKiosk V-700

I have received word from Allegiance Technology Partners (ALLTP) that they are taking orders for the new TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC. The base price is $899 with 256 MB of RAM and a 40 GB hard drive. If you want to add more memory a 512 MB option will add $65 and 1 GB will add only $130. Delivery is expected in April and will be made on a first ordered, first delivered basis. This is a very nice price point, no doubt due to using the economical Via C7M processor. You can order your own on the ALLTP web site. ALLTP has a "happiness guarantee" which is unique in the industry so if you are not happy with any of their computers you can RMA it within four days and get a full refund, less shipping, as long as the order is in new condition. They also have a 48 hour demo program as I mentioned on a recent OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast.

UPDATE:  TabletKiosk has pointed out that they have not confirmed dealer pricing to ALLTP so there is no way the prices on the ALLTP web site can be stated as final.  Based on this information I would not recommend anyone preorder a unit from ALLTP at this time. 


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