Hi I’m Bill & I’m Too Damn Rich


Bill Gates, even when the US stock market is struggling to make gains just simply keeps making money. According to Forbes Billionaires List, he is the richest guy on the planet and padded his net worth by about $3.5 billion this year. And he is actually a good guy – he does give away a lot of his money for worthy causes.

In comparison, Google boys are worth about $25.6 billion – Sergey and Larry are worth $12.8 billion each. Last year the duo were collectively worth $14.4 billion, so they outpaced Microsoft and Bill in this all important category as well and added $11.2 billion. Still a long way to go….



guy — for a second i thought the hyderabad comment was good natured, but the “fu” was so uncalled for! besides, om said “a good guy’, very different from “nicest guy”. dyslexia or just down on your luck after losing your job to a guy in seattle or india or with an indian name?


nicest guy on the planet?! Malik, are you tying to get your nephew in hyderbad a promotion? fuck you.

internet riches


Your article is fascinating.

Bill Gates of Microsoft, Sergey and Larry Page of Google are very hard working smart businessmen, so they deserve to make the billions of dollars they are making.

Ikey Benney

Saul Weiner

I was reading an article about how the mega-rich donate. I was surprised how few gave less than 10% of their wealth (Thank you Larry Ellison). When you’re that rich, you’d think the decision to give as a percentage of your wealth would be easier than if you’re poor. Obviously, I’m wrong inmost cases. With anything in life, the absolute is important, but not as important as the relative.

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