Google Office, Some Clues


My article on Google’s office ambitions just went online over at the CNNMoney website. Between the Writely acquisition, GDrive and the content of the documents leaked accidentally, the question is not if, but when.

The leaked documents stated that the online-application strategy “will help us make the client less important…which suits our strength vis-a-vis Microsoft and is also of great value to the user….Gmail started to do this for webmail, but that’s just a small first step. Infinite bandwidth will make this a reality for all applications.”

An alternate take on why
Online Office Apps don’t really cut the mustard.




Well time is one thing but I still doubt about only having online Office could threaten Microsoft. I feel the best way to move forward is to provide Online-Offline capability with StarOffice.
I have posted my thoughts at site.



What has me curious, and that no-one else seems to think worthy of comment, is the infinite bandwidth they refer to. Does this just mean ubiquitous broadband, or does it refer to Cringely’s data-center in a box theorising?

Garett Rogers

I’m looking forward to GDrive and Writely… both will compliment each other nicely.

As for privacy concerns — I can see how people would be apprehensive when it comes to storing information on the servers of a company that will continue to be in the sights of government due to it’s “allknowingness”.

I completely understand the logic, but that’s not going to prevent me from using it. People who use GDrive to store or share illegal content SHOULD be worried — the rest of the world will only benefit from such a service

Saul Weiner

I don’t think the answer is black or white. it’s probably the grey in the middle. Google will get some talent, some press, some technology which helps the overall mission.

Fine James


Don’t know about you, but I doubt I’ll be sharing my personal files with a company that couldn’t even secure company secrets like the GDrive barf-up they did in the PPT, no?

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