TabletKiosk provides information about two new devices


In a thread about the UMPC on jkOnTheRun, Martin Smekal of TabletKiosk commented about two upcoming devices from the slate maker:

JK, Thank you first off for the positive words on our systems – our UMPC (V-700) – is NOT the Baja – the Baja platform is a 8.4″ device more closely resembling a next generation LS 800. We are targeting a late Q-2 release for the Baja platform. Our V-700 (UMPC platform) will ship by the end of April to customers.

Martin J. Smekal, TabletKiosk

Next generation LS800 I like that! It would be great to get more details about both of these new Tablets, wouldn’t it? Evaluation units even better! :)


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