Rabbles Moves Onto Cingular

Rabble LogoMobile social networking service Rabble has managed to get its service onto Cingular (it is already on Verizon) and so now reaches half of the US mobile subscriber base. Rabble CEO Shawn Conahan believes that the service will avoid the controversy surrounding online networking sites like MySpace because all the subscribers have a phone number which can be traced back to a billing address. The service costs $2.99/month for sharing “everything from opinions and photographs to details about local events or places via mobile phones with other subscribers”.
Social networking services are only used by about 2% of US subscribers according to Jupiter Analyst Julie Ask, but Conahan is convinced this market is ripe for an explosion, saying that “But Conahan said phone size does not limit his customers who see their first cellphone as their first taste of freedom, similar to the role of the first car for older teenagers…”Never underestimate the amount of time that a teenage girl has to spend with her cellphone.”
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