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Microsoft’s Origami Launches, And Content Implications

origami1.jpgMicrosoft revealed its much-anticipated Origami Project at CeBIT in Germany, showing off a new platform of devices it calls Ultra-Mobile PCs. The UMPC largely resembles a small Tablet PC with 7-inch touch screen, and runs the full version of Windows XP.

Although pricing will be determined by each OEM, Microsoft expects UMPCs to run between $599 and $999.

As for the content implications, among other things, Microsoft has also included a special Windows Media Player skin to make the controls easier to use with pen input.

Also, the TV place-shifting company Sling Media said it would begin offering a customized version of its SlingPlayer software for the platform.

Also, online movie service Movielink said will offer its premium Hollywood content to users …Movielink will provide video content from Microsoft’s UMPC Program Launcher.

Also, from MSFT’s own site for this, a flash demo of how it works.

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