FHM To Launch Mobile Video In UK

FHM MobileFHM is planning on launching a mobile TV service featuring celebrity photo shoots, competitions and features. It will also include interviews, photo-shoots and “the serialisation of the Around The World In 80 Beers feature which follows FHM journalist Chris Bell as he samples local brews across the globe.” Wait…there’s someone getting paid to travel around the world and drink beer? That sounds like the perfect job…
The content will be in an hour-long loop of 3-5 minute segments that will be refreshed weekly — I’m not sure that’s the best format. I think it should be updated more often, even if it means making the loop shorter.
“Mike Burgess, creative director in EMAP’s mobile team, added: “Mobile is a new platform and fresh, bespoke content is essential. The media snacking of the mobile audience means that snappy, lively and instantly entertaining content is the order of the day…Interactivity and user generated content connect the audience and FHM TV in a way that traditional broadcast TV can’t.”
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