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American Idol’s Online Digs and Stats

The deal cut for Fox to bring American Idol back for five seasons included unprecedented online and mobile rights for News Corp. is meant to be part of the action — and the profit. It may have the single best promotional tool of any entertainment site: a 10-second promo spot in every show and callouts from host Ryan Seacrest about specific features. Making the most of it online is the job of Jeff King, the Fox Interactive VP who oversees the site, and King says, a #1 priority. His goal: to make it a profitable year-round destination, transitioning from a purely promotional site to a business unit. He shared some stats with us that show the progress has made since the relaunch this season:

— 125 million page views for February.

— 5.9 million unique monthly visitors for Feb, up 83 percent in February year over year.

— 5.2 million video streams served in February and 2.8MM for first week of March.

— 200,000 new registered users in less than 30 days for the MyIDOL section, a sort-of white-label version of the MySpace feature set. MySpace and Idol are being used to promote and leverage each other.

What King doesn’t have — a meaningful metric for percentage of TV audience to internet conversion rate. He took the average monthly telecast viewing audience (30 million) of Idol and the monthly uniques (5.9 million) and came up with 19.8 percent. King calls it the iShare.

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