NBC And Disney’ s Touchstone To Offer “Scrubs” On iTunes


So says Variety…NBC Universal and Disney-owned Touchstone Television are closing in on a deal to put episodes of “Scrubs” on Apple’s iTunes, marking the first time a network and studio from different conglomerate will have collaborated on such a deal.

If this goes according to plan, the episodes from the current season will be available for download later this month.

On rev share, it is a bit complidated: the two companies have agreed to a one-off deal that calls for a 50-50 split of all profits generated by iTunes sales of season-five episodes of “Scrubs.” If episodes from earlier seasons are sold on iTunes, Touchstone keeps 100% of the profit. Studio also keeps all proceeds from “Scrubs” sales after Aug. 31, when NBC’s hold on season five expires.

The understanding is that this is NOT a template for such future deal…but then, it is but obvious that such deals will become more common soon.

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